Sumo San!

“True beauty is something that attacks, overpowers, robs, and finally destroys.”
― Yukio Mishima

This quote is by the late and mythical japanese author Mishima, might very well fit the description of the sumo-wrestling sport. I guess what defines a true Sumo wrestling champion is how he attacks and overpowers the opponent, robs them for their throne position and finally destroys world records.

This sketch was made during a slow and long bus trip through Belgium to Holland during a high-school trip in early 2007. As I was bored and sleepless the night before in a hotel in Brussels. I turned on the TV and watched a captivating match between two Sumo-wrestler…and my God it was entertaining. Especially watching the instant replay of the massive Sumo bodies in giant like proportions grinding against each other as the sparks were flying!

For more info on the art of sumo wrestling and instant replay, look here what National Geographic says about it!

Salute, JohnH


About JohnH

I'm a film editor, self-taught sketchartist, analogue photographer and drummer!
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