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You have to do something about your drawings man, they’re way to weird to be locked away somewhere (…) You got to use your illustrations!” My girlfriend told me this not long ago, and this is how I got the idea to start a blog displaying my new and old sketches. I’ve recently been dusting off a big chunk of them, and I will be posting them as well as posting a lot of my somewhat weird inspiration sources.

I’ve been drawing since I was four or five years old, and over the years my style have evolved to a caricatureish and  rather slick interpretation of the world around me. So why is that so? I remember sometime during high-school a friend of mine asked me to draw a natural portrait of my friend’s girlfriend, and as I struggled through the night I couldn’t pull it off ‘cos as I discovered I didn’t have and still don’t have the skills to draw with charcoal or soft pencils in a natural fashion. And teenagers as well as children don’t have so many distinguished lines and wrinkles in their faces…but older people do. My friend’s girlfriend was also a teenager at the time so she didn’t have any clear lines as I recall to go at except her eyes. “I can’t do it…you can ask me in maybe ten or fifteen years” I replied, as I could see my friend’s discreet disappointment. So the drawing made her look older and not so delicate as a happy birthday card which was the purpose of the drawing. Despite my pleasure in grasping a creative challenge or two, knowing what I could do or not do helped me to define my own style rather than trying to be someone ells. A memorable quote said by Deep Purple’s legendary drummer Ian Paice at the Modern Drummer Magazine Festival 2005 comes to my mind “you should never try to be a number-two-somebody, you can only be a number-one-yourself“.

So, what you are about to see is a bunch of sketches and drawings fra about 2002 to this present year. And I’m hoping that this blog will make me produce a current ratio of about 3-5 drawings a week. Be that as it may, some of these sketches have taken me one minute to make and some of them have taken 5 hours to make…At the sound of the duelling snares to be heard in the link below, I  just want to say enjoy the illustrations and be free to comment, ask and critique as much as you like!

Salute, JohnH


About JohnH

I'm a film editor, self-taught sketchartist, analogue photographer and drummer!
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